Gravity movie review

Just watched Gravity, a marvelous,magnificent movie.

Alfonso Cuaron has really done a great job with this outstanding movie.The visuals,the camera movement,the music was epic.


when you watch this movie, you will realize Mr.Cuaron’s genius since he  directed and wrote the movie.Think as if you are in’s it going to be? well, you would say – everything floats.But there is more to it.Every detail is very important and the director,Cuaron has taken care of it well.I bet he researched a lot about the ISS and other elements of space-meteors,spacecrafts etc.The entire movie was filled with certain thrilling moments where the astronauts had to get hold of something or else they would drift off into space.This was supported with intense music by Steven Price.

The way the camera has moved so as to give the space effect(vacuum) was amazing.Not to forget CGI.This was probably one of the best space movies ever.And it wasn’t just space but it was a thriller from the beginning.

George Clooney was jolly as always and Sandra Bullock was amazing.she has to be credited  for her great performance.


In a scene,we get to see what Dr.Stone(Sandra Bullock)  sees through her helmet which is really amazing.As she is tethered to kalowsky(clooney) wherever he moves,she moves.And that, through her helmet just looks awesome.Shear genius.May not be scientifically accurate.But It is a wonderful work of art.


I can go on about this amazing movie.

If you haven’t watched the movie, you must.In theatres only.


One of the best in science fiction lore.Next I think  Interstellar.



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